qual e a diferenca entre depressao e anciedade e como defini las 365x365

Everyone goes through low points when life seems to have lost its luster and stress, worries and uncertainties take a strong hold. During these down periods, it’s not uncommon to feel lost, lonely and inadequate. You may worry that something vital is lacking in your life, but can’t quite identify what is missing or when you started feeling so disconnected. Activities that you once enjoyed may now feel mundane or have lost their appeal altogether. If you’re struggling with relationships or in your professional life, your self-esteem may have plummeted, causing you to turn inward and disconnect from the people in your life even more. Feelings of sadness, guilt or anger may be consuming you to the point that it’s hard to stay present and function in the world in a way that feels good.


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March 12, 2019

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