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Individual Therapy

Depression Therapy, Anxiety and Stress Management Counseling

Richard Sussman Therapist

Couples Therapy

Separation and Divorce Therapy, Couples Counseling, Relationship Counseling, Affair Recovery

Richard Sussman Therapist

Spiritual Counseling

 Can Provide You With Deep Understanding, New Perspectives And A Freeing Path Forward

My Approach

I take an honest, direct and compassionate approach to my practice. I cast no judgment, and my clients, family and friends tell me that I’m easy to talk to. I am passionate about the therapy work I do and become very excited when my clients experience breakthroughs, let go of the negative thoughts that have been holding them back and begin living fulfilling, confident, productive lives. A centerpiece of my work is helping people let go of the shame, blame and guilt that far too many of us carry. Once you, like others, realize that life is happening just the way it should and that you’re part of a larger system of energy, the barriers that are now keeping you stuck can be dissolved. And, once you are in that space, self-compassion and exquisite joy can emerge.

For decades, Richard Sussman has been helping couples with his unique approach to therapy, which integrates Western psychology and Eastern spiritual traditions. Richard treats a wide variety of couples issue with a special emphasis on healing relationship problems and marital infidelity counseling on the Upper West Side of NYC.

Richard has served as the Co-Director of the New Haven Center for Gestalt Therapy and was a core faculty member of the Gestalt Therapy Center in New York, where he trained and supervised professional practitioners. Rich treats a wide variety of issues, including anxiety, depression, guilt, grief, and self-esteem problems, with a special emphasis on healing relationship problems and marital infidelity.

Richard was recently interviewed by Land Mark West.  Click here to read the article.

Hello! I’m Richard

You don’t have to continue to navigate challenging times on your own. Whether you’re struggling in relationships, through an infidelity or with depression, anxiety, anger or self-esteem issues, I can help. With the right therapist and approach, a willingness to self-explore and the desire to change thinking patterns, you can let go of blame, shame and guilt and experience joy and satisfaction in all aspects of your life. I help clients discover their inherent sense of worthiness, lovability and self sufficiency.

I’ve always felt compelled to help people. Even at a young age, I was far more interested in how the mind, emotions and body work together than I was in business or money. I love helping people cultivate awareness and self-love, live in the present and turn breakdowns into breakthroughs. We can never be anywhere but in the here and now, although the majority of us dwell in the past or worry about the future. Once we recognize that the present truly is a present, let go of resistance and understand that each individual is a essentially a beautiful expression of being, it becomes possible to live free of blame, shame and guilt and enjoy a more joyful, productive and fulfilling life. Helping my clients get to this state of being is a deep pleasure for me.

My practice is a unique integration of meditation and psychotherapy. Over almost 50 years as a practicing therapist studying contemplative practices, I’ve learned that there is a significant crossover between the two. Simply put, psychotherapy—whether it’s though a specific focus, such as couples counseling, anger management therapy or depression counseling—helps you deal with where you’re at, and meditation helps you deal with where you’re at with where you’re at. Integrating the two can lead to profound breakthroughs and help alleviate depression, anxiety, relationship struggles, low self-esteem and many more of the issues that so many people struggle with in our modern culture.


” I have been working with Richard for almost 10 years and it’s hard to find words to articulate just how highly I regard this man. He is an expert at showing sincere compassion while simultaneously holding me accountable for my “stuff”. I’ve worked with him through couples counseling, divorce, recovery from divorce, remarriage, blended family issues, everything else that comes up, and there has never been a time where I haven’t felt that I was in the best possible hands. That “junk in junk out” experience that many people have during therapy doesn’t fly with Richard. He’s as real as they get and pushes you to be too. Quite simply, he’s the BEST! ”

– Amy Fein

“Understanding, spiritual, wise, these are just a few of the words that describe Richard Sussman. As my therapist, Richard has guided me through some the most difficult times in my life with strength, tenderness and even humor. He continues to help me shine a light of understanding, to accept and let go of the past and move forward to celebrate the present. It is a journey that is difficult, yet rewarding, and I value, treasure appreciate his insight, knowledge and compassion.”

– Jean Satti, Creative Director, Mean Jean Productions

” Richard Sussman has been on the open seas of the mind for a very long time. As a seasoned captain of his own ship, he been an excellent co-navigator in my own self-analysis and challenging transitional journey. ”

– John DiLeva Halpern

” I have worked with Richard Sussman and have found him to be extremely empathic and intelligent. He is patient, caring, insightful, creative and knowledgeable, and has decades of expertise in his field. ”

– Melissa Kraft

” Richard Sussman is the best, and I’ve tried quite a few. Richard wastes no time, keeps you focused on the issue at hand and yet is always kind, caring and supportive. He helped me, my wife, and my daughter individually and all of us as a group. If you are truly willing to look at yourself, Richard will help you find your SELF. ”

– John Donahoe

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