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Individual and couples therapist Richard Sussman offers confidential online therapy, helping you get the support you need from the safety and comfort of your home or office

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Are You Seeking Safe And Effective Online Therapy During These Troubling Times? 

Are you struggling to navigate the uncertainties, fears and isolation that are overwhelmingly defining the experience of millions of Americans during these unprecedented times? Do you feel increasingly anxious, depressed, stressed and overwhelmed? Perhaps your relationship with your partner has become more tense, especially if you’re without the space and resources that you once relied on to maintain balance and emotional regulation.

Maybe you’ve struggled with anxiety or depression in the past and the pandemic is triggering issues and uncomfortable thoughts and feelings again. Or maybe you felt well regulated, but looming uncertainties, social distancing and increased stress have you experiencing depression or anxiety for the first time. It might be that you find yourself arguing with your partner more now at a time when you both could use increased support, connection and compassion for each other.

You might know that individual therapy or couples therapy could help, but feel wary about engaging in in-person sessions, especially if you or someone in your household has pre-existing health issues.

You Are Not Alone

If you’re struggling with pandemic fatigue, feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, anxious, depressed or stressed, you are not alone. 2020 was a challenging year for so many of us personally and certainly for all of us as a collective society. Research conducted by Mental Health America in the spring of 2020 found a “staggering” increase in people experiencing depression and anxiety, with most people surveyed citing loneliness and feelings of isolation as the biggest factors in their declining sense of wellbeing. Grief has also been a factor for many people, too. Too many people lost loved ones to COVID-19, and all of us have lost direct social contact with friends and family and many of the resources, such as gyms, yoga studios and social clubs, that shut down during the height of the pandemic. While things are slowly beginning to open up again and 2021 looks more hopeful, the lingering effects of a challenging year will take time to heal and recover from for many, if not most, of us.

Online Therapy Offers A Safe Space For Healing, Growth And Connection

In thoughtful response to COVID-19, social distancing requirements and safer and stay-at-home orders, I now offer confidential online counseling that you can engage in from the comfort and safety of your home or office. While I enjoy the experience of working with clients in-person, teletherapy can be just as effective as in-office sessions and offers clients the ability to work through the experience of anxiety, depression, uncertainty, stress and relationship issues have become heightened for millions of Americans during these unprecedented times.

In addition to helping to keep us all safe and healthy, online therapy comes with a wealth of other benefits. It’s ideal for busy professionals without the time to commute. It’s a wonderful option for stay-at-home parents with young children to care for. And, it’s also ideal for people with health and/or mobility issues that make traveling difficult.

While I truly do prefer working with clients in-office, I learned throughout 2020 that everything that can be done in the office can also be worked on through a secure, confidential and easy-to-use telehealth platform. My practice is a unique integration of psychotherapy and meditation with the goal of helping individuals and couples cultivate awareness, increase their capacity for self-love, live more in the present and turn breakdowns into breakthroughs. For those who are interested in deepening their spiritual practices, I also offer spiritual counseling and meditation instruction, which can be incredibly grounding and supportive, especially during such uncertain and overwhelming times.

Whether you’re experiencing relationship issues or struggling with depression, anxiety, anger or grief, I’m here to help. As a therapist with almost five decades of experience, I have helped thousands of people overcome the feelings of guilt, shame and blame that too often define the human experience and enjoy more productive, joyful and fulfilling relationships and lives.

Healing, Growth And Happiness Starts Today

If you’d like to learn more about online therapy, I invite you to contact me today to schedule a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation. I’m interested in hearing your specific needs and therapy goals. I can answer any questions you have about online therapy and my practice and discuss how I can best support you on your journey toward growth, healing and increased happiness.

I am also slowly beginning to see clients in my New York City and Weston, CT offices. As social distancing and other restrictions continue to lift, we can move to in-person sessions and/or maintain our work together online.


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